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About Aarvaks

Aarvaks is an 84 year old family owned business that is committed to providing high quality and value, fair prices and honest transactions. We strive to improve the welfare of our community through being environmentally conscious and becoming involved in community issues.

Aarvaks was established in 1929 and is family owned and operated

Berkeley’s tradition since 1929

Aarvaks Heating and Air Conditioning was founded in 1929 by John Toivonen, a recent immigrant from Finland. John was an industrious fellow who saw an opportunity to install the latest heating systems in residential homes during Berkeley’s building boom following the devastating 1923 Berkeley Hills fire. Unfortunately, it was also the beginning of the great depression and the business was not immune to the devastation. With a wife and child to support, John worked hard to sell his services. As a good natured fellow with a sense of humor, one of his favorite things to do was to walk on his hands from door to door (yes, even up porch steps) to ask for business. His caring nature, humor and unique business approach made John one of Berkeley’s unique historic characters and Aarvaks (a Finnish slang word for “guess who?”) a trusted community business.

Today, Aarvaks is run by Jeff Geier who continues the family tradition of honest, reliable and friendly service. Unfortunately, though, Jeff can’t walk on his hands.

The environment continues to be our concern

Since Aarvaks’ beginning when John advocated replacing old, coal-burning systems with natural gas, Aarvaks has been a proponent of the cleanest-burning and highest efficiency heating and air conditioning equipment available. Our goal has always been to lower energy costs and offer value for our customers and to protect the environment for future generations.

And Aarvaks takes addition steps to protect the environment as well. We strive to recycle the majority of old materials removed from job sites including metal, refrigerant, paper, cardboard and wood. In addition, some of our service trucks run on recycled waste vegetable oil and, eventually, all our vehicles will be converted.

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